New Adult Script Pro Release

August 29, 2010 1 comment


I just released my adult video sharing script (generally reffered to as a clone). Its called Adult Script Pro. You might wonder why another script (there are other 5 scripts on the market) and why pro. Another script because none of the scripts on the market have the features i needed for my own sites (fast load times, scalability, low memory footprint, pornstars directory, mass video uploading/CSV import, mass video embedding and extensive advertising possibilites (targeted advertising, more exactly)) and Pro, well you need to checkout the script and you’ll see why its called Pro (6 caching mechanisms, multi-server included and a extensive administration control panel).

The scripts URL is:

PS: I will still continue to sell my mods for Adult Video Script. If you are interested in buying the mods with complete license to re-sell please contact me via the Contact form.

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AVS Link Exchange Mod

June 18, 2010 1 comment


It’s time for a new Adult Video Script mod 🙂

AVS Link Exchange Mod is a module for Adult Video script! Features:
– FrontEnd Footer links menu with a Add Your Link button (links are ordered by clicks)
– Backend Link Management (Delete/Publish/Suspend your links).

Price: 29$.

Please use the contact form or email me at for more information!

AVS Video-Thumbs Directory Limit Problem

April 12, 2010 2 comments


On Linux a directory can contain maximum 31998 sub-directories this causes a problem for Adult Video Scripts thumbs generation system. AVS uses the following format to create the thumbs: /media/videos/tmb/VIDEO_ID/1.jpg… There are two solution for this

  1. Change the filesystem to EXT4 or ReiserFS (ReiserFS is the recommend filesystem for small files (think video thumbs), however CentOS/Fedora/RHEL dont support ReiserFS by default).
  2. Change the AVS video thumb directory structure to something like /media/videos/tmb/YEAR-MONTH/VIDEO_ID/. This method requires a lot of code modifications. The thumb generation function has to be modified, same applies to the templates (the thumb display code has to be modified).

I have successfuly used the first method to host more than 200.000 videos.

AVS CSV Mass Import Videos Mod

February 12, 2010 13 comments


The AVS CSV Mass Import Videos Mod is a module for Adult Video Script. It supports CSV import of videos (flv) and embed codes. The mass imported videos can be assigned to sponsors. AVS RSS Mass Video Import mod comes next 🙂


  • Mass Import Videos from any sponsor (affiliate) thats supports CSV export
  • Set the fields order (flv src, title, description, thumb src, date, embed code) and csv separator
  • Manage sponsor (affliliate) sites (you can assign banners in text, html or image format to sponsors)
  • Assign videos to sponsors and display the sponsor (affliate) advertising banner under the flash player
  • Progress bar for mass import process

Options (can be enabled/disabled):

  • Generate thumbs from flv video file/Download and resize thumb
  • Check for duplicate videos
  • Generate category from video title/description (65% accuracy)

The AVS CSV Mass Import mod has been tested with the following sites:
Nasty Dollars, Videosz

The above doesnt mean that the mod will not work with other sites, any sponsor/affiliate site that supports CSV export, will work. If you want me to test the site before buying my mod, please send me the credentials and i will be happy to test.

Price: 69$ (includes installation).

Please use the contact form or post a comment for more information.

UPDATE 1: I also attached a screenshot!
UPDATE 2: I’ve added support for tags/categories/porn-stars (if you already bought this mod and want to update, please drop me a email and i will update asap).

AVS CSV Mass Video Import

AVS CSV Mass Video Import Screenshot

AVS per Video Category Advertising

January 21, 2010 2 comments

The AVS per Video Category Advertising adds per Video Category advertising support to Adult Video Script.

How does it work:

  • You can manage (add/edit/suspend/activate/delete) advertising (text links, image links and html/javascript codes) from the AVS Control Panel (siteadmin)
  • You can assign ads to any video category from the AVS Control Panel
  • When a user watches a video, if this video category has a advertising assigned it will display the ad code right below the video player

Each advertising banner can be assigned to more than one video category. This being said, you can have a ad for each sponsor (can be a text link, image link (for this you need to upload a image to your server and set the image url when adding ads from the AVS Control Panel) or html/javascript code) and assign these banners to the coresponding video categories.

This mod can also be modified to work with Clipshare or MediaXXXScript.

AVS per Video Category Advertising – 39$ (price includes installation)

Please post a comment (or use the contact form) for more information.

AVS Lighttpd Mods

December 28, 2009 2 comments


Are you running both Apache and Lighttpd just to use lighttpd mod_flv_streaming and mod_secdownload? If yes, then i recommend you run AVS only with lighttpd (lighttpd + php-fcgi + mysql). Your Adult Video Script tube site will be faster.

NOTE 1: you need ssh root access on the server where AVS is installed!
NOTE 2: you might want to check if you have other sites running, that require Apache!
NOTE 3: you wont be able to use Cpanel 🙂

This mod includes:
– lighttpd installation + configuration to work with php-fcgi
– AVS modifications to work with lighttpd

Price: 99$

Please use the contact form for more information (or post a comment)!

Prevent video hotlinking in AVS

December 27, 2009 7 comments


As requested in the AVS forum, i wrote a small howto on how to prevent hotlinking (or at least try) for Adult Video Script flash videos (flv).

Here’s what you can do:

  • Use lighttpd. Lighttpd with mod_secdownload is exactly what you need to prevent hotlinking. Set the timeout for the flv file to maximum 2 hours (in lighttpd.conf and include/config.local.php). Change the lighttpd key for the temporary link creation (in lighttpd.conf and include/config.local.php). You can also keep your videos in a directory that is not accessible from the web (in this case you need to edit lighttpd.conf and some code in the AVS script).
  • Even if you use lighttpd users can still download/leech your videos if they know the location (doesnt work if you keep the videos in a directory that cannot be accessed from the web, or if you change the location). To prevent this you can use .htaccess and add
    a few reffer rules: basically if the request for the flv file doesnt come from your own domain/ip, drop this request (you need to create the .htaccess in the media/videos/flv directory).

    Here’s a example for AVS:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^ [NC]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^ [NC]
    RewriteRule [^/]+.(flv)$ - [F]
  • If you dont offer the embed feature, you can also add some refferer rules in .htaccess for the media/player directory. All requests for files in this directory should be limited to your server’s ip/domain.

  • If you use lighttpd + mod_secdownload, you also need to add refferer rules in lighttpd.conf.
  • Use a flash player that can encrypt the url based on a key (flowplayer can do this). The key has to be hard-coded in the flash player.

If you have any ideas/critics…feel free to comment!